Back in London after too long a period (thank you Mr Covid-19!), we chose to take our time and discover the many vegan venues of one of our favorite cities in the whole world. And there are so many more options than before! We were so happy to be in London and to be able to eat in almost every single restaurant. We had to make choices, obviously, but it was very difficult not to try every single one we saw while walking around the city! And among our favorite addresses, there is 123V, the second restaurant of French (and vegan) chef Alexis Gauthier.

Located on the ground floor of the Fenwick store on Bond Street, 123V is definitely one of our favorite London restaurants now. Team burgers or team sushi will inevitably rejoice and non-vegans, who are always curious in London (not the case in France … Definitely!), are super pleased with their experience. Because in London, people have far fewer preconceived ideas on the subject!

The goal here is to come without preconceptions, to have fun and to be able to “relive” forgotten sensations if you have been vegan for a long time. It’s good, it’s beautiful, the teams are adorable. In short, 123V is a must-try!

We really enjoyed …

The princess loved

The princess really liked 123V restaurant in London and she was very happy to go back a second time the next day! There was vegan sushi, fries and burgers, she was in heaven.

Her parents liked

123V restaurant in London is now one of our favorites! We loved Gauthier Soho and we were very curious to discover the French chef’s second venue. We were totally amazed by the quality of the burgers which are to die for (let’s talk about how soft and tasty the bread is!). The vegan sushis are perfectly mastered, with really incredible imitations of tuna and salmon based on seaweed. Try the Chickn-Town Burger you will thank us!



Burgers between £13 and £15 ; Bolws: £13,50 ; Grand sushi set: £23


123V restaurant by Alexis Gauthier

Fenwick on Bond Street – 63 New Bond St – Londres

Covered terrace: 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Restaurant inside Fenwick, on the ground floor: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday from noon to 6 p.m.