The very beautiful Château de Blois

2020-02-03T20:33:41+01:00Monday, 03 February 2020|

It sits majestically in the city center. I admit to having seen it tens, if not hundreds of times since I spent my three years of high school [...]

A treasure hunt in the heart of Bordeaux

2020-02-03T10:31:45+01:00Friday, 31 January 2020|

Sometimes, to find new activities in your own city, you may have to look around a bit. And among the things to do that we discovered by delving [...]

Tower of London: an absolute must-see

2020-01-31T10:27:19+01:00Thursday, 09 January 2020|

Because the princess was fully into a "princess" period, we thought that a detour to the Tower of London would please her. Yes, admiring the royal crowns is [...]

St Paul’s Cathedral and its 528 steps

2020-01-31T10:28:21+01:00Sunday, 29 December 2019|

Amazing, St Paul's Cathedral is clearly one of the must-sees during a stay in London with children, after or before a visit of the Natural History [...]

Visiting the British Museum in London

2021-04-27T16:32:44+02:00Wednesday, 25 December 2019|

We were waiting for the princess to be old enough to really enjoy the visit and went there during our last stay at The Langham London. [...]

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