It was the first day of January, and this is an important date for us: it is absolutely crucial to do something new, exciting and symbolic on the first day of the year. So we decided to go out, to do something new: we climbed the dune du Pilat for the first time with the princess. Climbing was funny, but going down was way funnier.

Dune du Pilat is nothing less than the largest dune in Europe, with, of course, a magnificent view of the surroundings and the bassin d’Arcachon. The dune has, indeed, exceptional dimensions: it moves from 1 to 5 meters per year, it consists of 60 million m3 of sand and is between 100 and 115 meters high depending on the year.

Incidentally, it is nearly 3 kilometers long.

Dune of Pilat is a sand dune … so avoid, as we have seen, climbing with high heels (yes …) and expect the weather to be even colder at the top, especially at dusk.

A breath of fresh air and breathtaking 360 ° views, the Dune du Pilat is easily accessible from the car park and you will find (obviously) something to eat if you are less picky (and vegan) than we are.

Plan to wear walking shoes or at least sneakers, some water and something for a picnic: you will be the kings of the world up there. Take some time to contemplate the ocean, think of nothing and, if you have the opportunity to do so, try to be there very early in the morning to witness the sunrise.

Good to know

Lili-Fleur dans la chambre

A must do

We advise you to discover the beauty of the landscape at dawn or at sunset, as these are incredible moments, with a magnificent luminosity.

The princess loved

The princess loved this adventure. But what she really, really LOVED was running down the dune, and even more, rolling in the sand. If we had listened to her, we would have gone back to the top to do it again!

The ups for kids

Your kids are over 8 years old

Invite them to have a picnic with you, to take their binoculars or to take panoramic photos. You can of course organize a race with a gift for the one who arrives first at the top of the dune du Pilat.

One-hour guided walks are available every Sunday at 11 AM from April to June (no reservation needed) and at sunset every Friday in June at 8PM; Mondays and Thursdays in July at 8PM and August at 7.30PM. Every Friday in September at 7PM.

Your kids are less than 8 years old

For toddlers, the dune du Pilat remains a great moment of fun. You can carry them to the top if they are too young and let them have fun spinning in the sand. They will also be able to make tons of sandcastles with stunning views of the ocean.




Access to the dune du Pilat is free, only parking is chargeable. Parking rates vary depending on the season, the duration of parking and the type of vehicle.

A staircase facilitating access to the ridge (160 steps) is installed from April to early November.


Dune du Pilat

Route de Biscarrosse (RD 218), Pyla-sur-Mer

Phone number: 05 56 22 12 85