After the first lockdown, we had decided to go to Bali, even booked our tickets but everything remained closed in Indonesia, so we had to change our plans for September 2021. Finally, we opted for a road-trip going from the Futuroscope in Poitiers to La Rochelle, via Rennes, but also La Mare aux Oiseaux by Eric Guérin.

Very beautiful and cosy address, which we had discovered when I was pregnant with the princess, we really enjoyed spending a night of absolute relaxation there. And during this wonderful evening, the chef prepared us an amazing plant-based dinner which the three of us loved.

One Michelin star restaurant, La Mare aux Oiseaux offered us an extremely exciting moment. A colorful and surprising plant-based cuisine, a professional but relaxed and pleasant service, and a very nice chat with Eric Guérin: we love his personality and the fact that he has a temper. He truly is one of our favorite chefs for his many qualities.

Restaurant La Mare aux Oiseaux
Restaurant La Mare aux Oiseaux
Restaurant La Mare aux Oiseaux
Restaurant La Mare aux Oiseaux

We really enjoyed …

The princess loved

The princess loves La Mare aux Oiseaux for … its birds of course! She fell in love with the cranes, but also with the hens, to which we did not fail to give names. At the restaurant, she tried everything as usual and she loved the heart of sunflower. We were all amazed by this magnificent creation.

Her passion for gourmet restaurants being almost limitless, she once again loved discovering Chef Eric Guérin’s menu through the different courses and enjoying the attentive service.

Her parents liked

We really want to thank Eric Guérin for having prepared a magnificent plant-based dinner for us while he also had to plan for an event in Nantes the next day. Colorful, original, delicious: we were able to enjoy the incredible talent of this charming chef. And then, finding ourselves at La Mare aux Oiseaux several years after our last visit was a bit like a Proust madeleine.

We love the finesse, the delicacy and the touch of madness in Eric Guérin‘s cuisine, which makes all the difference and works just as well with a plant-based menu as with a traditional one.

To put it simply, La Mare aux Oiseaux typically represents the gourmet restaurant that could welcome us again and again, and in which we would always take as much pleasure. Because beyond the courses, there is a human relationship that makes all the difference.



Balade en Brière Menu: 62 euros ; Végétal Menu (5 courses): 82 euros ; Inspirations Menu: 98 euros


La Mare aux Oiseaux Restaurant
223 Fedrun, 44720 Saint-Joachim

La Mare aux Oiseaux is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays