Our stay at the Marvel Hotel at Disneyland Paris was an opportunity to try both restaurants : the Manhattan Restaurant and the Downtown Restaurant. The Manhattan Restaurant appears to be the most “refined” choice knowing that you are obviously in a Disney restaurant, but the service is professional and the courses beautiful and good at the same time.

The Manhattan Restaurant offers Italian cuisine served in a huge room allowing you to dine under the chandelier of Asgard. Fabric tablecloth, pretty crockery, more attentive service, the Manhattan Restaurant wishes to set up a refined atmosphere, with very beautiful dishes. In the end, we found that it was rather successful, apart from a slightly lost waiter who forgot about us for a while.

We really enjoyed …

The princess loved

The princess liked the Italian cuisine of the Manhattan Restaurant, but also having the impression of being in an elegant restaurant, less noisy than in the other places of the Marvel hotel. She always appreciates when the plates are beautiful.

Her parents liked

We liked being able to enjoy a vegan starter, main course and dessert at the Manhattan Restaurant. It was unexpected and we are happy to finally be able to eat properly at Disneyland Paris.

We also really liked the dishes which were beautifully presented. It was really a very nice surprise at Disneyland Paris, which too often disappoints us in terms of quality. The setting is very nice, with large tables and this splendid and super big chandelier which gives an additional dimension to the dining room.

We struggled to finish, because the dishes were really hearty. Special mention to the vegan chocolate dessert! Beautiful and good at the same time.



Starters around 18 euros; Mains around 35 euros; Desserts around 14 euros

There are menus, including a children’s menu.


Manhattan Restaurant – Marvel Hotel – Disneyland Paris
Open from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.