It was a surprise we had long anticipated during lockdown. While the princess thought she was going directly to Paris, we made a stop at Disneyland Paris. Driven there by our favorite driver (don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to go to the park with a great driver!), We arrived in front of the Disney’s Newport Bay Club hotel.

Usually we go to the Disneyland Hotel, but it was closed for refurbishment. It was the opportunity to discover a new hotel!

Unlike the Disneyland Paris hotel, Disney’s Newport Bay Club is located a bit away from both parks. The weather was great so it wasn’t difficult to walk from and to the parks, but it’s clearly a lot longer if you want to come back to your hotel for a snack. We only came back at the end of the day, which was exactly what we needed as we enjoyed ourselves so much anyway.

Disney’s Newport Bay Club is a very large hotel, like most hotels in Disneyland Paris. Its theme is rather maritime and the decoration is quite elegant and neat. This hotel also has a club floor, which includes the suites. Less expensive than the Disneyland Hotel, it makes it easier to book a suite and therefore to have more space. On the other hand, of course, you do not have all the advantages of the Castle Club.

Our family experience

Lili-Fleur dans la chambre

Which room with a child?

We recommend the Compass Club Suites, which are cheaper than the ones at the Disneyland Hotel. There are also family rooms. Our suite had a view over the lake, which was really beautiful. A bunch of flowers, a soft toy (Winnie the Pooh), macaroons and a bottle of champagne awaited us upon arrival.

We really enjoyed all these gifts.

The princess loved

The princess was the happiest in the world. She loved the suite, the plush bear, the view over the lake and of course, being at Disneyland Paris while she didn’t know she was going to go! It was one of the most magical stays.

On the plus side …

What about breakfast?

So we had breakfast at the Compass Club. Thank you Disneyland Paris for making more and more efforts so that vegan people can enjoy a gourmet stay. The team went out of their way to bring us tons of things, from porridge and chickpea flour pancakes to loads of fruit. Even if the buffet was not available, we had plenty!

We’ll be back for …

This is the big dilemma right now. We, of course, prefer the Disneyland Hotel, but the rates do not allow us to book a suite. On the other hand, we save a lot of time being in the park and obviously, there are the Disney characters in the morning at the Castle Club. Disney’s Newport Bay Club is more accessible, but very far away, which is a bit of a shame when you don’t stay in the park for long. And then, no Disney characters at breakfast, it’s less magic.


At the hotel

Disney’s Newport Bay Club has a huge swimming pool (much warmer than that of the Disneyland Hotel) which is very pleasant. There is also a sauna and steam room for parents, as well as a gym.

Close to your hotel

Both Disneyland Paris parks here for you! Some of our favorite things to do are Nemo and Hyperspace Mountain. In fact, everything that goes fast and in all directions!

Also, you go through the Disney village to reach the hotel, so you will find a lot of shops and restaurants there.




From 500 euros per night, park entrances included.


Disney’s Newport Bay Club

Avenue Robert Schuman, 77700 Chess