After staying at the Trianon Palace, we spent a few days in Paris. This was the opportunity to discover Edwart Chocolatier Paris, an amazing shop located in the Marais district, and a very inspired “chocolatier”.

Edwart Chocolatier Paris is a chocolate factory which is a bit like a dream come true. In the heart of the Marais, we were lucky enough to go there for the first time during the Easter period! We could easily have bought everything for the princess, who was fascinated by these characters that seemed to belong to a magical world.

If the shop is very small, it is literally full of chocolate creations including two wonders: a chocolate spread and a chocolate that are both vegan!

We really enjoyed…

Lili-Fleur dans la chambre

The princess loved

She just loved the Easter characters, even if she is not really into chocolate. She was captivated by Edwart‘s colors and creativity. She even tasted a chocolate and she talked about this place for a long time afterwards.

Her parents liked

Edwart Chocolatier Paris has become a favorite. Edwart surprised us with his amazing chocolates , his creativity and his originality. We just loved the vegan spread as well as the vegan chocolates. We should have tried the “tablettes”.

Very friendly staff who does not hesitate to make you taste a few chocolates in order to help you choose. A wonderful shop we will visit again soon.



Between 9 and 11 euros for chocolate bars.

The vegan praliné noisette Le Grain Noir costs 16 euros.

Chocolate boxes from 15 euros / Box of 100 chocolates: 69 euros

Contact info

Edwart Chocolatier Paris

17 rue Vieille du Temple, Paris, France

Phone number: +33 (0)1 42 78 48 92