It was on a Monday evening of September in Paris and we had booked at Fleur de Pavé thanks to a friend who loves this place. We didn’t know what to expect, but we were already happy to finally be able (after a long period of lockdown) to enjoy a gourmet restaurant with a focus on vegetables, and quite open to putting together a vegan menu. The counter of the restaurant was booked for the three of us and the excitement was at its height!

In a very small street in the second arrondissement of Paris, Fleur de Pavé restaurant is almost hidden. You can easily miss the storefront by walking past (which would be a shame) and you understand even before entering that the chef, Sylvain Sendra, is sincere and authentic.

We really enjoyed …

The princess loved

The princess has been used to restaurants and even French and foreign gourmet restaurants since she was very young. However, she does not always want to try new courses and tends to quickly fall back on pasta. Except that at Fleur de Pavé, she surprised us! She tried everything and had the same menu as us! She LOVED eating at the counter and witnessing everything that was going on. A wonderful experience for her which she still talks about.

Her parents liked

Everything … from A to Z! The whole experience was pure bliss. From the first impression to the service, including of course this amazing menu around vegetables and plant-based desserts, each more delicious than the next.

The sincerity of this moment, the ability to share; the variety and beauty of the courses, the precision … everything was so magical that we left several hours after entering Fleur de Pavé, a huge smile on our lips.

Despite many trips and just as many culinary experiences, it is rare that we come out so enthusiastic about a 100% plant-based gastronomic experience, especially in France. Thank you very much to the team and to Sylvain Sendra for their professionalism, their passion and their kindness.



Le Légume en mode majeur : Inspiration en 4 services, dinner only, 65 euros


Fleur de Pavé
5 rue Paul Lelong 75002 Paris, France