We had been expecting this stay in London in December 2021 for so long! We had dreamed of returning to one of our favorite cities in the world (along with Los Angeles, of course!) for so long. And before leaving, we scrupulously booked several restaurants and escape games to ensure that our London week was fully filled (and gourmet!).

And among the essential  bookings, there was that of Gauthier Soho restaurant by chef Alexis Gauthier, a talented vegan (and French) chef who also opened the 123V restaurant. We probably weren’t ready for such an amazing plant-based dining experience.

In a refined and elegant setting, Gauthier Soho offers an incredible plant-based experience that Londoners love. And we totally understand why, it’s definitely a must-try. We were finally able to enjoy a real gourmet menu without having to ask in advance, without disappointment, and above all with a lot of surprises: it was a mythical evening and our taste buds still remember it! If we could, we would go back every season to try the new menus!

We really enjoyed …

The princess loved

Everything from start to finish! She was able to put on a pretty princess dress, she was very curious to discover each dish we were served at Gauthier Soho. She tried everything, even though at the end of the tasting menu, there wasn’t much room left for her little stomach. And then, she still loves this succession of dishes, the explanations, the finesse of each combination and even the plates and bowls when they have specific shapes. And at Gauthier Soho, the service was adorable with her: she has already asked to come back.

Oh and she loved the course with smoke and ice of course!

Her parents liked

Gauthier Soho offered us so many flavors, colors and textures. We’re still talking about the pasta that was so creamy it looked like we were eating real cheese. And then each dish is a little discovery in itself, a plant-based adventure that takes us to very exciting lands.

We, who are used to asking gourmet restaurants to provide a vegan menu (which is clearly not always a success unfortunately, or even not possible), were literally in heaven!

Gauthier Soho also has a very friendly, pleasant and professional staff, with a good knowledge of wines, with very good pairings. We will be back during our next visit to London that’s for sure.



Menu Petit Diner: £45 per person ; Menu Grand Diner: £75 par person


Gauthier Soho
21 Romilly St, London

Closed on Monday

Dinner from Tuesday to Thursday: 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.; Friday-Saturday 5 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.

Website: https://www.gauthiersoho.co.uk/