Co-founder of the successful brand Mon Fichu Paris, Laetitia Lalet answered our questions on family travel. Discover of her favorite places and her plans for the months to com. To find out more about Mon Fichu Paris, click here!

Hello Laetitia, your last family trip, when and where was it?

My last family trip was a week at the end of August 2019 in Venice.

For you, is travelling more like staying at the Club Med, choosing a rural accommodation, a motorhome or a palace?

Our trips are essentially in a charming hotel with all the comfort we like, but not necessarily a palace.

What is your best memory during a family trip?

Without hesitation our London week in 2018.

A particularly family friendly hotel to recommend?

To find us, there are two hotels where we feel at home: Hotel du Forum for our Arlesian getaways, and Hotel du Royal in La Baule.

And during your weekends, what are your favorite activities with children?

Stroll in a new city when we can.

Any advice for a serene trip with kids?

Be happy to go together.

A destination that you would like to discover together?

There are so many… Tanzania to see animals with our children’s eyes and the colors of Africa.

If you had to describe your typical vacation in one word, what would it be?


And what will be your next trip?

Oh! Oh!… London again… we love it!