There is genius at work in this “Grande Maison”. An undeniable genius who makes us want to extend the moment and, above all, renew it with each visit. La Grande Maison captivates us a little more each time … A two Michelin star restaurant by Bernard Magrez that will not leave you indifferent… that’s for sure.

Located in the heart of Bordeaux, La Grande Maison proudly displays its two Michelin stars, in a setting that is both elegant and discreet, without any ostentation, which is absolutely perfect. Pierre Gagnaire is the lead chef, but the one in command is Jean-Denis Le Bras, right hand of Pierre Gagnaire, a chef as inspired as friendly, with an open mind, something that is not that common in France.

The way you are welcomed at La Grande Maison is always perfect, neither too much nor too little. Again, it’s a renewed pleasure to enter the room and to feel that everything is just right. Nothing is too pompous, everything is just wonderfully pleasant.

We really enjoyed …

Lili-Fleur dans la chambre

The princess loved

The princess LOVES having lunch at La Grande Maison. Used to pretty places and gourmet meals from a young age, she feels perfectly at home there. She had a very big crush on appetizers, especially the sweets which wapping paper is edible. But she also really likes the different sorts of bread and examining each plate, to know what that and that, and that … is. She loves to try everything and then be able to remember what she preferred.

Her parents liked

La Grande Maison is unquestionably one of our top 5 starred restaurants in France when it comes to vegan courses. Few establishments have been able to adapt to our requirements as well, with ALWAYS a real (and delicious) dessert, which makes us very happy. Finally a chef (or chefs including the very talented pastry chef) who does not serve us a substitute course for lack of inspiration!

Practical information


The 6-course menu is around 200 euros; The lunch menu is 60 euros for two courses and 85 euros for three courses.


La Grande Maison

10 rue Labottière in Bordeaux, France

Phone number: +33 5 35 38 16 16

La Grande Maison welcomes you from Wednesday to Saturday at lunch from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. and for dinner from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.