Why choose such an enigmatic title? Well, because it was not easy at first in this restaurant, but in the end, we left with a real feeling of satisfaction and pleasure. La Table de La Bastide, restaurant of the Relais & Châteaux la Bastide en Gascogne in Cazaubon, is under the leadership of Michel Guérard, but it is the chef Jérôme Artiguebère who officiates in the kitchen.

After almost getting up and canceling my hotel reservation to go home, I managed to remain calm and tried to get something to eat from the chef. Needless to say, we ALWAYS send emails before booking at a restaurant or a hotel. We clearly explain that we are vegan and ask if it’s fine with the chef … In short, our first lunch was therefore epic, and we waited forever on top of that, but the chef managed to prepare hearty plates, as colorful as tasty.

We really enjoyed …

Lili-Fleur dans la chambre

The princess loved

The princess ate like a queen. Upon arrival, the same person told us that the chef would NEVER make a pizza for her, because he never did and never will. Well to his surprise (or was it fright?), the chef made her an incredible pizza filled with vegetables cut in very thin strips. A pure beauty! Every day she had awesome dishes. Of course, she also loved being able to eat outside and run among the trees in the park.

Her parents liked

Thank you very much to the chef who was able to make us really happy by changing our lunch and dinner courses every day during our stay. We got vegan desserts each time and really beautiful plates. If our first lunch was clearly not up to par at the beginning (but once again, other feedbacks prove to us that there was nothing personal), the chef really took care of us throughout the few days at La Bastide en Gascogne. Thank you to him and his team for the tasteful courses and desserts.



Menu d’appétit: 55 euros ; Every Wednesday, seasonal course and a glass of wine: 20 euros


La Table de La Bastille

La Bastide en Gascogne

Avenue des Thermes 32150 Cazaubon, France

Open Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner; Closed Monday evening except during summer

Website: https://www.bastide-gasconne.com/fr/restaurant.html