Before leaving for a few magical days at the Bristol Paris, we spent some time in the center of Paris, at the Square Louvois hotel, among other hotels. It was an opportunity to discover many restaurants such as Neko Ramen, but also to have our breakfasts outside. And to do so, our favorite place was clearly Le Pain Quotidien.

We like Le Pain Quotidien in the morning especially, when there are not too many people and we can enjoy the start of the day quietly, around a good latte and nice toasts. The vegan options are always more numerous there, which allows us to change every day and to start the day of vacation and exploration with a little indulgence.

We really enjoyed …

The princess loved

The princess likes to order bread in order to put on chocolate spread or jam, with a hot chocolate made with plant-based milk. But, sometimes, it can also be an avocado toast.

Ses parents ont aimé

We love the wooden tables at Le Pain Quotidien. The morning atmosphere is different. People are calmer, more cheerful, and often, since we went early, we were the only ones in the restaurant room. We love the many plant-based options, the vegan pastries and the generosity of their brunch for example. It is a cocoon restaurant that we often visit in Paris.



Around 2 euros for pastries, 5 euros for breakfasts like granola, around 8 euros for a toast.


Le Pain Quotidien
Several addresses in Paris, consult the website for more information.