So yes, it is indeed Moby’s restaurant and we can even tell you that he is often there, because we have seen him several times. But that’s not why we’re going to Little Pine! No, we simply love this restaurant for its courses, its atmosphere that we really love and the kindness of the staff. You can, of course, go with your pet, so that’s a plus for us cause there are a lot of dogs to pet!

Our stays in Los Angeles are always an opportunity to eat, eat, and eat again in our favorite restaurants. Mainly at Cafe Gratitude, Little Pine and Sage Bistrot, among others. The restaurant is located east of Los Angeles in the Silver Lake district. A neighborhood with very few shops or restaurants: you could pass by without even realizing it was Little Pine. And yet, this white building is an amazing restaurant where you want to come again and again for brunch and dinner.

We really enjoyed…

Lili-Fleur dans la chambre

The princess loved

The princess adores Little Pine, because … there are always dogs to pet, because the waitresses and waiters are always super kind with her and also because there are always courses that she loves to order: donuts, avocado toast and the famous vegan mac & cheese!

Her parents liked

We are totally “addicted” to Little Pine. Its atmosphere like no other, the kindness of the staff as well as, of course, its brilliant menu. We always go there for brunch (here is the menu) because we have favorites that we cannot find elsewhere: the croissant and its vegan butter, cinnamon rolls, lemon and poppy pancakes as well as the grilled cheese with its amazing housemade cheddar cheese  … YUM!

The desserts are also DIVINE: we absolutely recommend the banana cream pie and the s’mores ganache (with a toasted meringue!).



Around 12/13 dollars for a course if you go to Little Pine to brunch, around 6 dollars for pastries, and around 16 dollars for dinner courses.


Little Pine

2870 rowena ave, Los Angeles, California

Email : [email protected]

Brunch is served from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekends. You can dine at Little Pine from 5 p.m.