Sometimes the planets align and the universe gives you a real gift. This is what happened to us when Michel MaBelle decided to reopen, but having completely transformed their menu, with 100% plant-based pastries, cookies and cakes. Our first 100% vegan pastry shop in Bordeaux! We already had vegan canelés with Cassonade, but this was going to another level!

It was a dream and the girls at Michel MaBelle did it: offering a plant-based pastry shop in Saint-Michel district in Bordeaux. And trust us, it is hard to choose what you are going to have for dessert or tea time: cakes, cookies, biscuits (including the famous “Tigrés”), pavlova, chocolate and caramel tart, scones, madeleines and many other delights that we crave, especially during the weekend.

Pâtisserie végétale Michel Mabelle
Pâtisserie végétale Michel Mabelle
Pâtisserie végétale Michel Mabelle
Pâtisserie végétale Michel Mabelle

We really like …

Pâtisserie végétale Michel Mabelle à Bordeaux

The princess loves

The princess has her favorites: she adores and devours the mini versions of the “Tigrés”. They are small round biscuits with a chocolate heart and she easily eats a bag right out of the pastry shop!

Her parents like

We always have a hard time choosing our cakes and biscuits at Michel MaBelle. And for good reason, we love their cakes (especially the one with raspberry and matcha) as much as their scones, Tigrés or the excellent Okara with hazelnut praline. And then in addition, the girls in the pastry shop are adorable.



Plant-based pastry shop Michel MaBelle

33 rue Gaspard Philippe in Bordeaux

Open Wednesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.