The Museum of Bordeaux offers an absolutely MAGNIFICENT museum experience. Permanent exhibition semi-permanent exhibitions, temporary exhibitions … we find that everything is truly fascinating. From the first visit, we have literally fallen in love with this place that we have since explored several times.

Are you looking for an idea for a family visit in Bordeaux? Here it is! You can also head to Cap Sciences if you like the theme of the temporary exhibition.

Even in the lobby of the Museum of Bordeaux, you will be dazzled. The museum begins when you enter it, with huge cabinets and the impressive Miss Fanny, a huge elephant that was in the old museum in 1892, which has also benefited from a beautiful renovation. We particularly like the cabinets on the ground floor with animals, fruits… organized by color, but also the drawers where you can touch, to discover which animal it is.

Climb the stairs to the second floor: this is where the rest of the permanent exhibition is. The cabinets are incredibly rich and you will be dazzled by the gigantic giraffe and the imposing whale skeleton.

On the first floor, you’ll find semi-permanent exhibitions, interesting but more suitable for older children. Head towards the basement to discover the temporary exhibitions.

During our visits, what the princess loves doing is to find her favorite animals (mostly big cats and other carnivores), but also to open the drawers located under the cabinets. They contain a lot of beautiful seashells from all over the world.

We also advise you to find out about the temporary exhibition of the moment. We had the chance to test twice that on the touch, which was downright great! For more fun (and space), we advise you to come on weekdays or the weekend when the Museum de Bordeaux opens in the morning.

The spaces are well designed, so you can sit and admire the collections at your own pace.

Good to know

Lili-Fleur dans la chambre

A must do

If you have don’t have much time, head directly towards the ground floor and the second floor of the Museum of Bordeaux to discover the amazing cabinets and see the most impressive animals.

The princess loved

She loves the drawers, everything that can be touched, but also … the stuffed toys of the shop! She also likes to discover new temporary exhibitions.

The ups for kids

Your kids are over 8 years old

Have them discover the first floor, which contains a more dense and interactive exhibition. You can also take part in events such as the squirrel game. In any case, children always find new things to see at the Museum of Bordeaux.

Your kids are less than 8 years old

For the youngest kids, head to the Musée des tout-petits (Museum of Toddlers). This space is entirely dedicated to children under six years old. Located on the ground floor, it will fascinate your little ones.




Full price excluding temporary exhibition: 5 euros / During temporary exhibition periods: 7 euros

Reduced fee excluding temporary exhibition: 3 euros / During temporary exhibition periods: 4 euros


Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm (October-March) from 10.30 am to 6 pm (April-September)

Muséum of Bordeaux

5 place Bardineau, Bordeaux

Phone number: 05 24 57 65 30