We have dreamt of it for years: staying at this legendary hotel that is the Tschuggen Grand Hôtel in Arosa. We had seen it in dozens of travel magazines. And of course, it was above all the architecture of the spa that was our favorite … It was the princess’ sixth birthday and we wanted to do something else than staying at the Castle Club in Disneyland Paris… so, we decided to go to Switzerland, in Arosa, in order to spend a few days away from the crowds and our city life, surrounded by mountains.

Our stay at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel in Arosa coincided with our first skiing holiday with the princess: her first mountains, snow, sledding, skiing, and so on. A few very special days that we carefully booked. We chose a Junior Suite for its location in the hotel, its size as well as the way it was organized: in L, it offers a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains.

From Bordeaux to Zurich, first, then by train to Chur, to finally take a little train that took us to Arosa: this last part was probably the coolest, because you travel across the mountains. The higher you go, the more snow you see!

If we will probably not keep an unforgettable memory of the service at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel, or even of the ski station itself, on the other hand, several experiences made this stay exceptional: the spa and its huge swimming pool, which is clearly incredible, being able to hand feed birds and squirrels, as well as the Tschuggen Express, to reach the slopes in less than 4 minutes, in a private and amazing cable car.

Our family experience

Lili-Fleur dans la chambre

Which room with a child?

Suites are the most suitable options if you are staying at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel in Arosa. You do not have to book an actual suite, the Junior Suite is large enough, especially since you probably won’t spend much time in it. The bathrooms are not huge, but they are equipped with a bath tub and a very nice shower.

The sofa bed is comfortable and the staff were very efficient every night: we even got a Minnie Mouse duvet cover!

The princess loved

The spa, obviously … The swimming pool which allows you to go outside, surrounded by the mountains! She really liked the view. But her HUGE favorite was for the Squirrel Trail, where we were able to feed birds and squirrels. She keeps on talking about it, at least once a day, and wants to return just to feed the animals!

On the plus side …

What about breakfast?

Breakfast is served in a very large dining-room, on the ground floor. During the high season, it’s better to be there quite early in the morning, because otherwise, you will quickly have the feeling that it’s crowded. The buffet is filled with fruits, many very good breads, jams, sweet and salty treats, and even vegan options: coconut yogurts, vegan butter … there was even a vegan chocolate spread! It is also possible to request a vegan porridge.

We’ll be back for …

If we were to return, it would be for two reasons: the spa, to spend even more time there and relax in the amazing swimming pool. Having tested one of the massages given by a high-quality therapist, it is certain that the Tschuggen Grand Hotel’s spa is highly recommendable! A very professional and qualified staff in an absolutely idyllic setting.

As for the second reason? Squirrels, of course!


At the hotel

The spa offers you an amazing aquatic journey. Whether you prefer a hot pool (I do!) or a cold pool, you will have the choice. You can even do both. There is also a whole space dedicated to toddlers, etc. The towels are kept warm just for you … It’s truly magic!

The spa menu is long and varied and we opted for the Tschuggen Massage combining several techniques: 75 minutes of pure happiness. The therapist was particularly professional, with precise gestures and an amazing and truly relaxing moment for me.

We really LOVED the outdoor part of the pool with a waterfall, and a breathtaking view of the mountain as a bonus.

Close to your hotel

The Tschuggen Express takes you to the slopes from your hotel in a few minutes only. This experience is truly magical because you can stay in your cocoon, without having to queue for the ski lifts. Also note that you have a ski / snow shop inside the Tschuggen Grand Hotel.

Another must, the Squirrel Trail: the squirrel trail awaits you a few minutes walk from the hotel. We recommend you ask for a sledge (they are free of charge) to drag the children when they are tired of walking. It may make things much easier for you. Trust us …




Around 1000 euros per night for a Junior Suite in winter. If you book well in advance, you should be able to benefit from a “one night free” offer if you manage to avoid school holidays.


Tschuggen Grand Hôtel Arosa

Tschuggentorweg, Arosa