We definitely have our favorite restaurants when we are in London. For example Mildreds, but also Ping-Pong and … of course, Redemption. Located in Neal’s Yard, this restaurant has it all! There are endless possibilities in terms of plant-based cuisine, a cozy setting as well as very friendly waitresses and waiters.

Whether it’s super sunny or raining, as is often the case in London, it doesn’t matter. Redemption is here to welcome you and make you happy. You will discover new flavors, enjoy a very wide choice of options and be surprised by the quality of the recipes. As for the desserts, they are literally to die for! Another strong point, do not miss the cocktails which are as surprising as they are delicious!

We really enjoyed …

The princess loved

The princess loves to hang out in London restaurants. The people are nice there, and she always has a toast or pasta that she loves. She thinks Redemption‘s desserts are so cute!

Her parents liked

Redemption is now one of our favorite restaurants in London. We love the delicacy of the recipes, their balance and their diversity. The portions are also very generous. Special mention to the desserts which are ultra delicious while remaining healthy. It is also a place where you can find hot drinks made with maca!

We love the very London vibe of Redemption and the emphasis on using the rawest ingredients possible.



Mains around 20 euros, English Breakfast 15 euros


Covent Garden
2 Neal’s Yard