Our stay in Cuq-en-Terrasses was an opportunity to make a lot of discoveries in Toulouse, whether it was Enigma Escape for an escape game, or various vegan or vegan-friendly restaurants that we wanted to try. And as soon as we arrived in town, we took a well-deserved break in a paleo restaurant called Silex et Fourchette.

It was crowded, but we were able to sit inside. We arrived a little late so we couldn’t have all the vegan choices available. Never mind, we nevertheless found different options at Silex et Fourchette, with comforting dishes, extremely hearty and based on simple and fresh ingredients.

Silex et Fourchette restaurant paléo
La terrasse du restaurant SIlex et Fourchette
Silex et Fourchette paléo et vegan à Toulouse
Plat copieux chez Silex et Fourchette

We really enjoyed …

Dessert vegan chez Silex et Fourchette

The princess loved

Il was not easy for the princess to eat in a paleo restaurant because most of the ingredients are raw. Nevertheless, we still found a bowl that suited her, even if she didn’t eat everything she found vegetables that she liked. We keep on congratulating her again and again for managing to adapt to all the restaurants we go to.

Her parents liked

We really liked the very warm welcome and the fact that Silex et Fourchette has so many vegan options. The restaurant is also gluten-free, of course, and lactose-free. The dishes change regularly and the small open kitchen allows you to see the preparations of the day. Signature dishes include a vegan bolognese, a vegetable chili, the Silex Bowl and you can add toppings and extras to your bowls.

Desserts and starters are all vegan!

Silex et Fourchette : information


Silex Bowl menu at 14 € 50 with starter and dessert of your choice or 18 € for a full menu


Restaurant Silex et Fourchette
42 rue des Lois in Toulouse

Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.

Dine in or take away