Nantes is a very nice city that the three of us visited in 2020. We really enjoyed this stay, because it was a bit synonymous with freedom, but also because we wanted at all costs to discover Les Machines de l’Ile. And we really loved this long-awaited visit. Fun, interactive: it allowed us to “test” a lot of machines and to be amazed by the creations. What a beautiful moment!

A huge “galerie” accommodates Les Machines de l’Ile, which coexist with other equally impressive and dreamlike machines within the Carrousel des Mondes Marin. And of course, there is the huge and amazing elephant, which takes you for a magnificent visit on its back.

But back to the Galerie des Machines. An experimental “laboratory”, it is here that the machines built in the workshop of the Compagnie de La Machine are tested. You can discover the machines by yourself, even if it is better to let yourself be guided by the speakers, in order to be able to climb on as many machines as possible during their interventions.

What we discovered when we came is that these prototypes have, for the most part, a goal since they will populate the “Heron Tree“, a monumental project which should be revealed in 2025. Moreover, among the highlights, try to take part in the flight of the heron: an impressive machine, for a heron that has no less than 8 meters of wingspan.

This tour at Les Machines de l’Ile literally carries you to another world and you will even be able to climb on a branch of the future tree. The princess was able to handle a lot of things and therefore participate very actively in this visit which she will probably remember for a very long time. Do not hesitate to ask questions and take your time to have the chance to handle as many elements as possible.

Good to know

A must do

Take your time. This is a tour which can entertain you for a lot more than an hour, so plan a whole morning or afternoon. Enough time to also take an elephant ride and have fun on the carousel. Don’t be shy and dare operating all these wonderful machines.

The princess loved

The princess still remembers moving some parts of the birds with us. She was also able to ride on larger machines. It’s really ultra fun, whatever the age of the children, from 6/7 years old. The large spider also impressed her a lot.

The ups for kids

Your kids are over 8 years old

Then they might even be able to climb the huge heron and cross the whole gallery. But in any case, they are sure to ride the caterpillar.

Your kids are less than 8 years old

They will be able to handle the birds and do other little things. Some machines need to be bigger, but in any case, they’re bound to love the spider and all of the amazing bestiary in the gallery.




Full price: € 8.50 – With this ticket,  you get -1.60 euro at the Carrousel (validity 48 hours)

Reduced price
€ 6.90: people with disabilities / 4-17 years old, students …

Children under 4 and accompanying person with a disability


Les Machines de l’Ile
Parc des Chantiers
Bd Léon Bureau
44200 Nantes


Opening hours vary according to the time of the year, check them according to your dates.