During our stay at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel, we mainly stayed at the hotel and we hardly went to Arosa itself. The only restaurant we have tried outside of the Tschuggen is the Twist, another restaurant in a hotel, located in Arosa. And thanks to The Basement restaurant, we were able to easily enjoy very nice vegan courses for dinner, every day.

The restaurant welcomes you in the basement (hence its name) of the Tschuggen Grand Hotel, in a super comfortable atmosphere, with wood everywhere, for a menu based on fast-food like courses. The vegan offer is relatively large there (just ask as other courses can be prepared on demand), which is not always the case in Switzerland, and we appreciated the relaxed atmosphere, and the very kind and professional waitresses and waiters.

You will probably also like the music and the amazing bowling alley accessible from 9 p.m.

We really enjoyed …

Lili-Fleur dans la chambre

The princess loved

She wanted to eat there every night, because she loved the fries, of course, as well as the ice-cream. She also ate tons of tomato pasta that the team always kindly prepared for us.

Her parents liked

We liked having dinner there. Even if we haven’t been super excited by some parts of the Tschuggen Grand Hotel, we really enjoyed our dinners there. We LOVE the Shaking Salad Superfood: a salad in a jar, shaken before you eat it, so that the sauce is perfectly blended. There are kale, sweet potatoes, chickpeas and even pumpkin seeds. So good!



Main courses are around 20 euros. Good to know: you will find many vegetarian options, but also two vegan courses, the Tschuggen Wrap and the Shaking Salad Superfood.


The Basement

Located in the basement at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel