Some hotels are dream hotels. Just the name: Shangri-La Paris. We absolutely wanted to discover this mythical palace. Well, that’s what we did during a stay when we did not even set foot outside! We spent our days at the pool, at the restaurant and in our room, for a few days away from reality.

Because we love beautiful places and the princess has developed a strong taste for hotels, we chose the Shangri-La Paris to celebrate Mother’s Day as it should. And if our experience at La Bauhinia was absolutely magical, some disappointments made us think that in the end, the Shangri-La did not quite meet our requirements …

Unlike the Bristol, in fact, the Shangri-La Paris does not offer this feeling of exclusivity and a “family” atmosphere. No one really knows who you are, the hotel is always very busy, and teams tend to change very often. Why is that? Perhaps because of the ultra aggressive policy of this hotel chain. Fortunately, we got on well with the restaurant manager. It made a huge difference.

Our family experience

Lili-Fleur dans la chambre

Which room with a child?

Almost all of the rooms at the Shangri-La Paris are suitable for a stay with a child. We nevertheless advise you to prefer at least a Deluxe room, because the Superior room is more intended for a couple. Obviously, the ideal remains a Junior Suite.

If you are looking for a quiet stay, ask for a room on the fourth floor at least.

The princess loved

The princess was a toddler, but she really enjoyed her stay. She ate A LOT of tomato pasta (her favorite dish) and she regularly forgot her shoes at the restaurant … She, of course, spent a lot of time at the swimming pool, her favorite place when we are on holiday.

On the plus side …

What about breakfast?

We had the chance to get on well with the (then) Restaurant Manager during our stay at the Shangri-La Paris. As a result, our vegan breakfasts, dinners and lunches were truly amazing. Don’t hesitate to send an email prior to your stay if you have a specific diet. We particularly like the “Well-Being formula” including juice, bread, avocado toast, almond milk porridge, etc. In short, it’s the best option.

We’ll be back for …

We don’t plan to return to the Shangri-La Paris unless we are invited in order to change our perspective on certain things. An impersonal service (apart from La Bauhinia for us), a terrible spa experience, a terrible service on the terrace, outside. Overall, we had the feeling we were in a big hotel made for wealthy tourists who do not really care about the atmosphere of their hotel.


At the hotel

We must admit, the swimming pool is very beautiful. As beautiful as the one at the Trianon Palace and as warm as the one at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel. This is where you will probably spend your afternoons.

We also recommend La Bauhinia Afternoon Tea, although from now on you must specify whether you want it to be vegan.

I do not recommend the spa. My experience was clearly polluted by a therapist who surely wanted to take advantage of a bonus and who tried to sell me a perfume (or a cream, I forgot), before and right after (I still had my eyes closed. ..) my massage. Terrible service!

Close to your hotel

You are a stone’s throw from the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe: so you can start there. Our favorite museum is also just a few steps away: the Guimet National Museum of Asian Arts is a true wonder where we could wander for hours.




Around 900 euros for a Deluxe room, 960 euros for a Terrace room and 1200 euros for an Eiffel view room. Around 1100 euros per night for a Junior Suite.


Shangri-La Paris

10, avenue d’Iena, 75016 Paris, France