Born in Avignon, Julien Allano delights the customers at Le Clair de la Plume, hotel and restaurant, located in Grignan in Provence, France. Michelin-starred since 2015, this passionate chef offers a generous and gourmet cuisine that he takes pleasure in reinventing. We asked him a few questions about his work and the way he travels.

Hello, could you tell us about your background?

A classic course in Villefranche-de-Rouergue (Aveyron), first position as a chef in 2007 (aged 24) at La Mirande (1 Michelin star) in Avignon, 100% organic cuisine at the time.

Arrival in 2013 at Clair de la Plume in Grignan, one Michelin star in 2015, a “bib gourmand” in 2017.

A green star in 2020.

How would you describe your daily work?

My daily work has many facets.

Among the elements that I mention, the human aspect is for me at the center of the restaurant.

The first one, which is essential to me, is the permanent relationship with each of my producers. Because products are the essence of my creations.

My second and equally important task is the bond that I maintain with each of my collaborators. By managing all the teams with a certain line of conduct, “benevolence”

And then, the heart of my profession, taking care of each of the “gourmets and gourmands”who visit our different venues.

What professional anecdote remains as the most vivid in the course of your career?

An essential encounter with Michel Truchon (Le Sénéchal 1 Michelin star restaurant) who really introduced me to the sense of “beauty and goodness”.

What are you dreaming of right now?

I dream all the time … About everything and nothing …  These moments are a source of creation.

What does travelling mean to you?

Escaping although I don’t travel much.

What is your favorite hotel?

L’Estelle de Camargue in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer in France, a member of the Collectionneurs.

The destination that still awaits you?

Home Sweet Home

What is your best vacation memory?

The last ones I took with my family.

Your favorite mode of transportation? Why ?

The car, because you feel free to go wherever you want to go.

Who is your best travel companion?

My family and a good book

Finally, one word to describe your idea of what a perfect trip should be?

Rest of body and mind

Meet Julien Allano at Clair de la Plume, in Provence and book your gourmet stay here.

Photo credits: Alain Maigre