Michelin-starred chef at La Chapelle restaurant at Château Saint-Jean, Olivier Valade invites you to a journey of the senses. From Bernard Loiseau to Hélène Darroze, then to Le Divellec, Olivier Valade made his debut with the greatest. Inspired and inspiring chef, he agreed to answer a few questions about travel and his inspirations.

Hello, could you tell us about your background?

It is rather varied from a 3 Michelin stars restaurant to a bistro, from Monaco to Brittany, passing through Burgundy, Metz, Paris and Périgord. Originally from Auvergne / Limousin with a foothold in Charente-Maritime.

How would you describe your daily work?

Every day is filled with surprises.

What professional anecdote remains as the most vivid in the course of your career?

There are thousands of anecdotes, the good ones and the less good ones, but all of them helped me to grow professionally.

What are you dreaming of right now?

Of Michelin stars; it allows me to give myself a goal, but without making it an obsession.

What does travelling mean to you?

Discovering and resting my mind.

What is your favorite hotel?

The Palace Hotel in Tokyo and La Réserve de Beaulieu.

The destination that still awaits you?


What is your best vacation memory?

A catamaran cruise in the Grenadines

Your favorite mode of transportation? Why ?

The plane because it’s the beginning of a journey.

Who is your best travel companion?

My smartphone, because it helps translate, navigate easily and I can take thousands of pictures.

Finally, one word to describe your idea of what a perfect trip should be?


To discover chef Olivier Valade ‘s cuisine and Le Château Saint-Jean, it’s here.