Our stay in La Rochelle, even if it was short, allowed us to make a lot of discoveries. And if we really enjoyed our dinner at the GAYA Pierre Gagnaire restaurant in La Grande Terrasse, we really enjoyed the restaurants we found during our walks downtown. It’s the case of Guru Street Food and Un Piano dans la Théière.

The concept is not unique to La Rochelle, since there is another venue in Orléans.

First of all, you should know that the restaurant Un Piano dans la Théière has a rather incredible setting, which is perfect for Instagram fans. It definitely feels like Alice in Wonderland. From the tapestry to the many fake flowers, passing by the statues, the books… the place reminds me a bit of a boudoir of Marie-Antoinette from the film by Sofia Coppola!

But in addition to an unusual setting, you should know that the restaurant offers many vegan options. Besides, the cakes are quite impressive and we had to ask several times to be sure that it was really vegan. You can also have brunch or opt for a Tea Time.

We really enjoyed …

The princess loved

The princess clearly loved the colors, the flowers and the fact that it really felt like being in a movie setting. Finally, much more than for the cakes, it is for the totally girly decoration that she would return to Un Piano dans la Théière.

Her parents liked

We admit we were impressed by the quality of the cakes which were delicious. Congratulations to the teams who offer much better plant-based desserts than those we add in some gourmet restaurants. Un Piano dans la Théière is a real curiosity that deserves a stop for a Tea Time, because there is also a very wide choice of teas and hot drinks, including a delicious vegan hot chocolate. We will come back to try other cakes, or even to discover the savory menu.



Main courses: 12 to 13 euros ; Tea Time: 17 euros


Un piano dans la théière
15 Rue Bletterie à La Rochelle
Tel: 09 54 10 86 93 – booking by phone only for lunch, tea time and brunch


11 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.