Usually it takes us a day or less to get to Venice Beach while on vacation in California. There is the day we land in Los Angeles and the next day, we are already there. Why is that? Venice Beach is actually a bit like our Madeleine de Proust. Every time we are in Los Angeles we HAVE to go there first.

Usually we park the car in the waterfront parking lot early in the morning, we try to spend an hour by the ocean while the temperature is still bearable. And then obviously, we look forward to lunchtime to discover the wonders of one of our favorite restaurants in the whole world: Cafe Gratitude Venice.

If you are not used to the scorching temperatures of California, we strongly advise against going to Venice in the middle of the afternoon. And in any case, a walk in Venice Beach is much more pleasant in the morning, because there are less people on the waterfront.

Good to know

Lili-Fleur dans la chambre

A must do

Take a walk on the seafront and take the time to admire the unbelievable skills of the skaters as well as the feats of strength of the Muscle Beach athletes!

The princess loved

The princess loves running with her feet in the water, but also the swings, which she absolutely loves, and this, since she was barely two years old!

The ups for kids

Your kids are over 8 years old

They’ll love the skate park, but you can also suggest taking surf lessons or renting bikes to discover Venice Beach together.

Your kids are less than 8 years old

So head for the children’s playground with swings and slides. It’s impossible to be disappointed, there is something for everyone!